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Contraband Fuzz

The Contraband is a single-knob fuzz machine that ravages your guitar signal and generates a metalli..

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385 Overdrive

Dynamic, responsive, tube-like, and amp-like. Walrus Audio is extremely excited to announce the new ..

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Alberta 2 - Dual Overdrive

Since the introduction of the T-Rex Alberta overdrive, guitarists have embraced the tonal qualities ..

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Ambi Space AS-1R

By using FTT’s original algorithm, the AMBI SPACE combines various elements to achieve a mechanism f..

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Bass Juice Distortion

DISTORTION PEDAL FOR BASS PLAYERS!T-Rex Bass Juice offers organic distortion specially designed for ..

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Beat Buddy

BeatBuddy was designed with every musician in mind. From the student exploring new styles to the liv..

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Beat Buddy Mini

Powerful Sound Award-winning, ultra-realistic-bit recordings of real drummers. The BeatBuddy Mini ..

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Bellwether Analog Delay w/Tap Tempo

The Bellwether is a bucket brigade delay pedal with tap tempo.  Offering analog circuity and up..

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Bluenote Tour Series

The new Blue Note Tour Series is exactly what you think…a small, compact version of the current prod..

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Bulb Deluxe Misha Mansoor Overdrive

You probably know that Bulb’s OD was a modified Dead Horse- and only 150 of them were made.This peda..

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Cali76 Compact

Technical Specification • 100% Class-A discrete signal path • Classic, ultra fast “FET” response..

S$370.00 Ex Tax: S$370.00

Cali76 Compact Deluxe

Technical Specification • 100% Class-A discrete signal path • Classic, ultra fast “FET” response..

S$500.00 Ex Tax: S$500.00

Deep Six Compressor

The Deep Six is a true bypass studio-grade compressor in stomp box form, inspired by the performance..

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Descent Reverb/Octave

The Descent was designed to create ambient textures of sound, from thick and endless hall reverbs to..

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DIVA Drive

FINALLY, A DRIVE THAT SOUNDS JUST LIKE YOUDIVA was built to enhance your sound—not replace it. No ma..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

FA10 Fuzz Elements - Air

The FA10 Fuzz Elements Air accurately recreates the distinctive square wave clipping and octave harm..

S$215.00 Ex Tax: S$215.00

FE10 Fuzz Elements - Ether

The FE10 Ether takes the Fat channel of the FA10 Air and combines it with a parametric equalizer to ..

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FEA10 Fuzz Elements - Earth

David Gilmour’s go-to dirt box, the EH Ram’s Head Big Muff helped to define classic rock guitar tone..

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FF10 Fuzz Elements - Fire

The AF100 Bee Baa was Roland’s answer to the gnarly, nasty guitar boxes coming out of the USA & ..

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Final Booster FB-2

The FREE THE TONE FB-2 FINAL BOOSTER is a full-range booster that can provide +20 dB of boost. It wi..

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Forza Overdrive

While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the Forza gives you a more even spread acros..

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FuelTank Classic

This is the Classic FuelTank that has 3 different output sections: 9 volt DC, 12 volt DC and 12 volt..

S$195.00 Ex Tax: S$195.00

Galea Overdrive

Galea is a natural and smooth overdrive, which allows you to have more medium-gain to your sound, re..

S$580.00 Ex Tax: S$580.00

Gigs Boson GB-1V

This is the result of guitarists’ quest for higher expression power not obtainable just from clean t..

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