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Fetish Distortion

The Fetish™ can be used as an overdrive, distortion, clean boost, or treble booster depending on se..

S$155.00 Ex Tax: S$155.00

Final Booster FB-2

The FREE THE TONE FB-2 FINAL BOOSTER is a full-range booster that can provide +20 dB of boost. It w..

S$345.00 Ex Tax: S$345.00

Forza Overdrive

While many overdrives emphasize particular frequencies, the Forza gives you a more even spread acros..

S$285.00 Ex Tax: S$285.00

Galea Overdrive

Galea is a natural and smooth overdrive, which allows you to have more medium-gain to your sound, ..

S$580.00 Ex Tax: S$580.00

Gigs Boson GB-1V

This is the result of guitarists’ quest for higher expression power not obtainable just from clean ..

S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00


The new GTO is the latest design coop with Guthrie Trapp. The original was sort of the Nashville fav..

S$260.00 Ex Tax: S$260.00

HBL-4 Heat Blaster

FeaturesA powerful distortion sound close to the modern thick high gain tube amplifiers!The Heat Bla..

S$215.00 Ex Tax: S$215.00

Heat Blaster HB-2

The FREE THNE TONE HB-2 HEAT BLASTER features a modern distortion sound. With the HI CUT and LOW CU..

S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00


Iconoclast dynamically shapes your tone as a speaker cabinet would yet outputs directly to hea..

S$410.00 Ex Tax: S$410.00

Iron Forest IF-1D

A strong attack created at the moment a string is plucked by a pick, followed by a smooth distortio..

S$340.00 Ex Tax: S$340.00

Iron Horse LM308 Distortion

The Iron Horse is a return to the classic distortion: thick, punchy, riffy and rowdy. It is full of ..

S$266.00 Ex Tax: S$266.00

Jan Ray Overdrive

The Fender Magic 6 sound! An easy to handle overdrive with great sustain without any unnatural com..

S$510.00 Ex Tax: S$510.00

Janus Fuzz/Tremolo with Joystick Control

The Janus is a true bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a ..

S$410.00 Ex Tax: S$410.00

Julia Analog Chorus/Vibrato

The Julia is a fully analog, feature-rich chorus/vibrato packed with a wide array of tonal landscap..

S$315.00 Ex Tax: S$315.00

KHDK Ghoul Jr

Kirk Hammett Signature DistortionThe KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive is based on Kirk Hammett..

S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

KHDK No.1 Overdrive - Limited Edition Blue

 If you crave a powerful distortion with dynamic tube-like sound, prepare to meet your 'can’t ..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

KHDK No.2 Boost

The warm, tube-like boost was designed to enhance your sound without compression and with beautiful..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

KHDK Scuzz Box

A powerfully crunchy, ripping tone that can scream and destroy but is clear enough for soloing.In i..

S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00

Killing Floor High Gain Boost

The Killing Floor High Gain Boost gives you both a volume boost and a musical amp-like overdrive all..

S$255.00 Ex Tax: S$255.00

Mark Sampson Hightop

The Mark Sampson designed Hightop is everything “Mark Sampson” in a box. Mark is known for his recre..

S$280.00 Ex Tax: S$280.00

Mayflower Mid Range OD with Tone Shaping

The Mayflower is a true bypass, midrange overdrive pedal that falls in-between the Voyager’s low gai..

S$280.00 Ex Tax: S$280.00

Messner Transparent Light Gain OD

The Messner is a low gain-transparent overdrive boasting a wide range of overdrive possibilities.&nb..

S$280.00 Ex Tax: S$280.00

Microtubes B3K CMOS Bass Overdrive

The B3K delivers an immense amount of sounds, from warm, clear, and punchy tube-like Overdrives, to..

S$460.00 Ex Tax: S$460.00

Microtubes B7K

The Microtubes B7K takes the powerful dynamic saturation circuit of the B3K and adds a four-band eq..

S$480.00 Ex Tax: S$480.00