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4x12" Rectifier Traditional Slant

The Mesa/Boogie 4 x 12" Rectifier Traditional Slant Cab provides a great combination of punch, detai..

S$1,500.00 Ex Tax: S$1,500.00

A-Duo Acoustic Amp

POWER AND PORTABILITYAt only 10.5kg (23.2lbs), the A-DUO is very portable but can deliver the power..

S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00

A-Fresco Acoustic Amp

POWER AND PORTABILITY- ANYWHERE!Whilst the A-FRESCO is small and light, weighing in at only 7.2kg ..

S$350.00 Ex Tax: S$350.00


AMPLE HEADROOMThe A1+ has ample headroom with an 80W RMS power section and has an impressive freque..

S$480.00 Ex Tax: S$480.00

AH4x4 PA System

THE MOST VERSATILE PA SYSTEM Enjoy up to 24 HOURS of continuous battery power use! The Intellig..

S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

Artist 15 Combo - Blonde

Compact, Powerful and Tonally PristineStill featuring all of the awesome functions of the original ..

S$950.00 Ex Tax: S$950.00

Artist 30 Combo - Blonde

Delivers pristine Blackstar tone in a stylish packageStill featuring all of the awesome functions o..

S$1,180.00 Ex Tax: S$1,180.00

AX8 Amp Modeler/Multi-FX Processor

Quantum Amp Modeling, Ultra-Res™ Cab Sims, and Fractal-Quality EffectsThe new AX8 is an all-in-one A..

S$2,500.00 Ex Tax: S$2,500.00

Axe-Fx II XL+

The Axe-Fx II XL+ is the ultimate all-in-one preamp/effects processor. It contains a vast virtual in..

S$3,500.00 Ex Tax: S$3,500.00

Cab Clone 8 ohm

The CABCLONE™ is a passive Cabinet Simulator/Speaker+Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load. It pr..

S$490.00 Ex Tax: S$490.00

CUB 10 Tube Combo

CLASS A/BDesigned to make tube amps accessible to every player, the CUB10 is a CLASS A/B design and..

S$335.00 Ex Tax: S$335.00

CUB 212R - 15 watts Tube 2x12" Combo

The CUB-212R features great straight ahead vintage valve tone with a splash of high quality reverb. ..

S$499.00 Ex Tax: S$499.00

CUB CAB - 2x12" HH

BRITISH DESIGNDesigned and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB-CAB is loaded with a pair of specia..

S$330.00 Ex Tax: S$330.00

CUB Head - 15 watts

CLASSIC BRITISH AMPLIFIER DESIGNDesigned and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB-HEAD delivers 15..

S$395.00 Ex Tax: S$395.00

CUB12R Tube Combo

CLASSIC BRITISH AMPLIFIER DESIGNDesigned and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB12R delivers 15 w..

S$465.00 Ex Tax: S$465.00

EV-1 Expression/Volume Pedal

The EV-1 is an all new EXPRESSION PEDAL, perfect for use with all Fractal Audio Systems products (a..

S$225.00 Ex Tax: S$225.00

Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp

The FLY 3 Bass is a compact, innovative mini amp with big TONE. Combining two channels, a continuous..

S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

Fly 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp

The Blackstar FLY 3 Bluetooth Mini Amp is now available with Bluetooth connectivity for music playba..

S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

FLY3 Mini Amplifier

The FLY 3 is an innovative, cutting edge 3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay and..

S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

GH100L Head (Made In UK)

The GH100L is a single channel master volume style head with footswitchable gain. As well as astoun..

S$1,800.00 Ex Tax: S$1,800.00

GH50R 212 - 50 watts Tube Combo

BRITISH RNDThe result of intensive design and development in Great Britain, the GH50R-212 delivers ..

S$1,200.00 Ex Tax: S$1,200.00

GS412PS Cabinet (Made in UK)

The new range of P cabinets represent real pro player values in a cabinet. Built to withstand the r..

S$1,100.00 Ex Tax: S$1,100.00

HT Club 40 Deluxe

Since its introduction the award-winning HT Club 40 has established itself as the go to valve amp f..

S$880.00 Ex Tax: S$880.00

HT Metal 60 Combo

The HT METAL 60's selected duet of 6L6s deliver 60W of gut-wrenching valve power through two high q..

S$1,150.00 Ex Tax: S$1,150.00