One Control

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Baltic Blue - Fuzz

Features The Baltic Blue Fuzz Pedal recreates the recognizable vintage muff/fuzz tone, while ..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Cranberry Red - Overdrive

Features The Cranberry Overdrive inherits the characteristics of the original STRAWBERRY-RED overd..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Crimson Red Bass Preamp

Features The Crimson Red Bass Preamp was designed to reproduce the iconic old school 60sé70s elect..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Fluorescent Orange - Distortion

Features Designed to reproduce the iconic “crude distortion” of an orange-colored amp.  With ..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Granith Grey - Booster

Features The Granith Grey Booster allows a high-quality boost of up to +15dB with minimized switch..

S$115.00 Ex Tax: S$115.00

Hooker's Green Bassmachine

Features The Hooker's Green Bassmachine has the wide dynamic range of bass tube amps and is able t..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Lemon Yellow - Compressor

Features In the complex and often misunderstood world of compressors and sustain pedals, Bjorn has..

S$145.00 Ex Tax: S$145.00

Little Copper - Chorus

Features The Little Copper Chorus is the most compact and versatile chorus pedal you'll ever own. ..

S$155.00 Ex Tax: S$155.00

Little Green Emphaser - Dynamic Boost

Features The Little Green Emphaser is a dynamic boost pedal which allows the player to put emphasi..

S$115.00 Ex Tax: S$115.00

Persian Green Screamer - Overdrive

Features ​The Persian Green Screamer is able to create contradicting sounds; a vintage ‘tube ..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Raspberry Booster

Features The Raspberry Booster by One Control is a unique boost pedal designed to increa..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Silver Sonic Peg - Bass Preamp

Features The Silver Sonic Peg reproduces the sound of an iconic 70s tube amp with a similar name. ..

S$145.00 Ex Tax: S$145.00