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KHDK Ghoul Jr

Kirk Hammett Signature DistortionThe KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive is based on Kirk Hammett..

S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

KHDK No.1 Overdrive - Limited Edition Blue

 If you crave a powerful distortion with dynamic tube-like sound, prepare to meet your 'can’t ..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

KHDK No.2 Boost

The warm, tube-like boost was designed to enhance your sound without compression and with beautiful..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

KHDK Scuzz Box

A powerfully crunchy, ripping tone that can scream and destroy but is clear enough for soloing.In i..

S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00