Free The Tone

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Gigs Boson GB-1V

This is the result of guitarists’ quest for higher expression power not obtainable just from clean t..

S$300.00 Ex Tax: S$300.00

Heat Blaster HB-2

The FREE THNE TONE HB-2 HEAT BLASTER features a modern distortion sound. With the HI CUT and LOW CU..

S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00

Quad Arrow QA-2

The QUAD-ARROW DISTORTION has a new power circuit that was developed for the FREE THE TONE Custom S..

S$430.00 Ex Tax: S$430.00

Red Jasper RJ-1V

FREE THE TONE’s first low-gain drive pedal “RED JASPER” Smooth highs, punchy mids, full but tight lo..

S$275.00 Ex Tax: S$275.00

Tri Avatar TA-1H

The Free The Tone TA-1H “TRI AVATAR” is a next generation chorus pedal with four signal paths for th..

S$480.00 Ex Tax: S$480.00