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DBS-1 Dual Bass Station

Selectable 2ch bass preamp The Dual Bass Station Bass Preamp features two inputs (A/B) and indepen..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

HBL-4 Heat Blaster

FeaturesA powerful distortion sound close to the modern thick high gain tube amplifiers!The Heat Bla..

S$215.00 Ex Tax: S$215.00

ROD-1 Red Rock OD

FeaturesWarm overdrive ideally matches single-coil pickupsWarm overdrive with plenty of sustain give..

S$215.00 Ex Tax: S$215.00

VFB-1 Vitalizer FB

FeaturesFINAL BOOSTER is now renewed as VITALIZER™ FB!The Providence VITALIZER™ FB is a successor of..

S$185.00 Ex Tax: S$185.00

VLC-1 Velvet Comp

FeaturesAs the name suggests, the Providence VLC-1 Velvet Comp provides smooth, lustrous compression..

S$215.00 Ex Tax: S$215.00

VZW-1 Vitalizer WV

FeaturesVITALIZER™The Vitalizer™ is one of the buffers that converts high impedance signal that are ..

S$185.00 Ex Tax: S$185.00