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Alberta - Overdrive

The Alberta is a low-gain overdrive, designed to add a little extra sizzle to your sound, making y..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

Comp Nova

Hand built in Denmark, the Comp Nova guitar effects pedal is easy to use and delivers uncolored sou..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

Dr Swamp Overdrive (ONS)

The T-Rex Dr.Swamp is a double distortion pedal. It has that rich vintage sound, T-Rex is known for..

S$285.00 Ex Tax: S$285.00

Hobo Drive

At its core, HOBO DRIVE is a 2-stage preamp controlled via traditional PREAMP and MASTER volume con..

S$265.00 Ex Tax: S$265.00

Michael Angelo - Overdrive

Denmark's producer of high-end and custom effects pedals, T-Rex, produced an overdrive unit with a ..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

Moller - Overdrive

Solid overdrive with a tablespoon of clean sparkle to make your distorted chords stand out? Fire-br..

S$285.00 Ex Tax: S$285.00

The Sweeper - Bass Chorus

A stunning chorus pedal for the bass that revives the sound of the chorus and gives bassists workin..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

Twin Boost

Twin Boost is the perfect solution for situations where you need more control than just switching ..

S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00