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Codesigned with Jon StockmanKarnivool bassist and all-around sonic adventurer Jon Stockman got tog..

S$530.00 Ex Tax: S$530.00


Co-developed with Jon Stockman from Australian rock band Karnivool, the pedal’s unparalleled versat..

S$410.00 Ex Tax: S$410.00

Antiquity '60s Jive Jazz Bass Bridge 1044-06

Built around the next phase of Jazz bass pickups from the mid-60s, the Antiquity II Jive for Jazz ..

S$130.00 Ex Tax: S$130.00

Antiquity '60s Jive Jazz Bass Neck 1044-05

Built around the next phase of Jazz bass pickups from the mid-60s, the Antiquity II Jive for Jazz Ba..

S$130.00 Ex Tax: S$130.00

Antiquity Jazz Bass Neck 11044-01

The Antiquity Jazz is a faithful reproduction of the originals. Warmth and mid-range punch combine t..

S$110.00 Ex Tax: S$110.00

AP-4 Black

With the LTD AP-4, we started with a traditionally-styled body, but then took things in a new, hig..

S$1,050.00 Ex Tax: S$1,050.00

B-204SM - See Thru Black

With its unique coloration and grain pattern highlights, spalted maple is a great look for a bass t..

S$770.00 Ex Tax: S$770.00

B1004SE Multi Scale

Features: Construction: Bolt-On Scale: 36.25" - 34" Body: Swamp Ash..

S$1,750.00 Ex Tax: S$1,750.00

B1005SE - Bubinga

Features: Construction: Bolt-On Scale: 34" Body: Swamp Ash Top: Solid Bu..

S$1,850.00 Ex Tax: S$1,850.00

B5E - Natural Satin

If you love the sharp contrast in color you get when you put different woods together, you'll love..

S$950.00 Ex Tax: S$950.00

Bass Blaster BB2-2

The FREE THE TONE BASS BLASTER is an overdrive pedal designed especially for basses. The voltage is..

S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

Boulder Creek 5 Strings Acoustic Bass EBR1-B5

TOP:  Solid SpruceBACK:  Solid MahoganySIDES:  MahoganyFINISH:  Gloss Black ..

S$1,150.00 Ex Tax: S$1,150.00

Cali76 Compact Bass

Technical Specification• 100% Class-A discrete signal path• Classic, ultra fast “FET” response• Stud..

S$510.00 Ex Tax: S$510.00

Crimson Red Bass Preamp

Features The Crimson Red Bass Preamp was designed to reproduce the iconic old school 60sé70s elect..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

DBS-1 Dual Bass Station

Selectable 2ch bass preamp The Dual Bass Station Bass Preamp features two inputs (A/B) and indepen..

S$325.00 Ex Tax: S$325.00

Edwards E-AM-150AS/M Burner

Features:BODY:               &..

S$1,600.00 Ex Tax: S$1,600.00

Fly 3 Bass Mini Amp

The FLY 3 Bass is a compact, innovative mini amp with big TONE. Combining two channels, a continuous..

S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

Hooker's Green Bassmachine

Features The Hooker's Green Bassmachine has the wide dynamic range of bass tube amps and is able t..

S$135.00 Ex Tax: S$135.00

Lemmy Kilmister Signature Set - Custom Shop

The sound of Motörhead is defined by the high-output fat tone and midrange grind Lemmy Kilmister ha..

S$415.00 Ex Tax: S$415.00

Microtubes B3K CMOS Bass Overdrive

The B3K delivers an immense amount of sounds, from warm, clear, and punchy tube-like Overdrives, to..

S$460.00 Ex Tax: S$460.00

Microtubes B7K

The Microtubes B7K takes the powerful dynamic saturation circuit of the B3K and adds a four-band eq..

S$480.00 Ex Tax: S$480.00

Microtubes B7K Ultra Kraken Edition Bass Preamp

Whether you're plugging into a bass amplifier or going direct, the Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra ..

S$530.00 Ex Tax: S$530.00

Nexus Bass Combo SLS-112 @ 500 watts

BRITISH DESIGN AND ENGINEERINGA great bass combo needs to be compact and easy to move around witho..

S$1,095.00 Ex Tax: S$1,095.00

RB2 Bass Combo @ 30 watts

The RB2 is a 30 Watt RMS kickback design bass combo, loaded with a custom-designed 10" driver &..

S$255.00 Ex Tax: S$255.00