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CUB 10 Tube Combo

CLASS A/BDesigned to make tube amps accessible to every player, the CUB10 is a CLASS A/B design and..

S$335.00 Ex Tax: S$335.00

CUB 212R - 15 watts Tube 2x12" Combo

The CUB-212R features great straight ahead vintage valve tone with a splash of high quality reverb. ..

S$499.00 Ex Tax: S$499.00

CUB12R Tube Combo

CLASSIC BRITISH AMPLIFIER DESIGNDesigned and engineered in Great Britain, the CUB12R delivers 15 w..

S$465.00 Ex Tax: S$465.00

GH100L Head (Made In UK)

The GH100L is a single channel master volume style head with footswitchable gain. As well as astoun..

S$1,800.00 Ex Tax: S$1,800.00

GH50R 212 - 50 watts Tube Combo

BRITISH RNDThe result of intensive design and development in Great Britain, the GH50R-212 delivers ..

S$1,200.00 Ex Tax: S$1,200.00

HT Club 40 Deluxe

Since its introduction the award-winning HT Club 40 has established itself as the go to valve amp f..

S$880.00 Ex Tax: S$880.00

HT-1 Metal Combo - Snake

Blackstar HT-1 Metal Snake Skin Limited Edition AmpHeavy in tone with a tough look to match!The HT M..

S$425.00 Ex Tax: S$425.00

HT-1R Combo

Packs all the great tone and innovative features of the award-winning HT-5 tube amp into a 1W forma..

S$395.00 Ex Tax: S$395.00

HT-1RH + HT112 Bronco Tan Pack

The stunning HT-1RH and HT112 Bronco tan pack delivers all the valve-powered punch of its standard H..

S$535.00 Ex Tax: S$535.00

HT-5 Metal Combo

Based on the award-winning HT-5, the HT METAL 5 gets a complete sonic and cosmetic overhaul – delive..

S$595.00 Ex Tax: S$595.00

HT-5 Metal Combo - Snake Skin Limited Edition

Blackstar HT-5 Metal Snake Skin Limited Edition AmpBased on the award-winning HT-5, the HT METAL 5 g..

S$685.00 Ex Tax: S$685.00

Iron Heart IRT15H @ 15 watts Tube Head

IRT15H - the all-tube high gain IRONHEART pre-amp channel – with full EQ and switchable pre-boost. ..

S$590.00 Ex Tax: S$590.00


15 WATTS OR <1 WATTThe IRT15H’s stylish steel birdcage design houses a single high gain Ironhea..

S$580.00 Ex Tax: S$580.00

Ironheart IRT60-212 Combo

BRITISH DESIGN & ENGINEERINGDesigned and engineered in the Black Country, Great Britain, the 6..

S$1,100.00 Ex Tax: S$1,100.00

Lionheart L5T-112 Class A Tube Combo

BOUTIQUE SINGLE-ENDED CLASS ‘A’ TONEDesigned and engineered with pride in Great Britain, The Lionh..

S$880.00 Ex Tax: S$880.00

Lionheart L20H Class A Head

Forty years of Laney tube heritage, distilled into a single ampilfier range. Designed to deliver th..

S$900.00 Ex Tax: S$900.00

Lionheart L20T-212 - 20 watts Class A Tube Combo

BOUTIQUE PARALLEL SINGEL-ENDED CLASS ‘A’ TONEDesigned and engineered with pride in Great Britain, T..

S$1,250.00 Ex Tax: S$1,250.00

Lionheart L5 Studio Class A Tube Head

Boutique Single-ended Class 'A' ToneDesigned and engineered with pride in Great Britain, The Lionhea..

S$750.00 Ex Tax: S$750.00

Lionheart L50H Class A Head

UNIQUE DESIGN & ENGINEERING – BUILT IN BRITAINDesigned and engineered with pride in Great Brita..

S$2,100.00 Ex Tax: S$2,100.00