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Seymour Duncan Antiquity II The 60s Jive For Jazz Bass - Neck

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Brand: Seymour Duncan

Product Code: Seymour Duncan Antiquity II The 60s Jive For Jazz Bass - Neck

Built around the next phase of Jazz bass pickups from the mid-60s, the Antiquity II for Jazz Bass are perfect for the player looking for the ability to keep their tone smooth and clear, yet smack with mid-range punch when needed. These are great recording pickups for that very reason.These vintage correct pickups are hand made in our Custom Shop, and use hand ground calibrated alnico 5 rod magnets, late 60s era gray flatwork, cloth pushback hookup wire, and are lacquered and wax potted like the originals.

The Jazz Bass pickup is made to the specifications of the mid '60s production instruments and is very similar to the pickups I re-wound for Jaco back in the early '80s. The pickup is wound for the right amount of output and brightness without being too muddy or thin.


  • top pickup length: 3.492
  • top pickup width: .628
  • bottom pickup length: 3.492 neck, 3.625 bridge
  • bottom pickup width: .628
  • total pickup height: .695
  • total magnet height: .780
  • winding direction: top going neck, top coming bridge
  • magnet polarity: north neck, south bridge
  • calibrated: yes
  • pickup cover length: 3.602 neck, 3.715 bridge
  • pickup cover width: .718
  • pickup cover height: .750
  • height adjustment: screwed into body cavity
  • magnet pattern: raised top and bottom
  • DC Ohms: 8.97K
  • inductance: 4.25 henries
  • Q: 2.79 neck, 2.64 bridge


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