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Tuning Machine Heads

Tuning Machine Heads

Fender 70s "F" Logo Style Stratocaster & Telecaster Guitar Tuners - Chrome
S$85.00 Ex Tax: S$85.00

Original Fender 70s' "F" logo tuners for Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars. 6 in-line set with pus..

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Gotoh Locking Machine Heads - SD90-MG-SL
S$70.00 Ex Tax: S$70.00

These Gotoh Vintage Style locking tuners are a retrofit design to a vintage-sized peghole that maint..

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Planet Waves Auto Locking Tuning Machine Heads PWAT-333L - Gold
S$98.00 Ex Tax: S$98.00

6 High quality precision tuners that automatically cut excess string while the guitar is tuned3 + 3 ..

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PRS Phase 3 Locking Tuner Hybrid
S$285.00 Ex Tax: S$285.00

PRS designed locking tuners with unplated brass shaft. Set of six. (Includes bushings and installati..

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Ratio Acoustic 3+3 Machine Heads - PRN-2411-BO
S$75.00 Ex Tax: S$75.00

The PRN-2411-B0 is a set of Ratio Tuned Machine Heads for an acoustic guitar that uses three a side ..

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