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Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor

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Brand: Darkglass Electronics

Product Code: Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor

The Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor packs a studio's worth of compressors into your pedalboard. Integrating an all-analog signal path and digitally modeled sidechain circuits, this bass compressor pedal re-creates some of the world's most iconic compression tones. You can enjoy three models right out of the gate, and thanks to the Hyper Luminal's built-in USB interface, you can download more as they come available. Take control of your tone via the pedal's 4-knob interface and dual through-metal sensors, or if you really want to dive in, download the free Darkglass Suite software and start tweaking.

Dial in your sound

The Hyper Luminal Compressor includes dual through-metal sensors that detect when and where the chassis is touched. This technology provides an intimate, pleasant way to tweak the pedal's Ratio and Mode parameters. Beyond that, four physical knobs supply easy control of Blend, Time, Output, and Compression. Blend mixes the clean and effected signals. Time sets your attack and release (which can be further tweaked via the free Darkglass Suite software). Compression sets the amount of compression, while Level sets your overall output volume. You also get an easy-to-read 10-segment Gain Reduction meter. The bassists here at Sweetwater have been able to coax a myriad of tones out of the Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor.

Dive in and take control

There's a lot going on under the Hyper Luminal Compressor's hood, and the Darkglass Suite software puts it all at your fingertips. Connect the pedal to your Mac or PC via its built-in USB interface, load up the software, then enjoy access to advanced fine-tuning and mapping that allows you to assign different constants to each model. You can also use the software to load new compressor models as they come available.


  • A studio's worth of compressors that fit on your pedalboard
  • Integrates an all-analog signal path and digitally modeled sidechain circuits
  • Re-creates some of the world's most iconic compression tones
  • Includes 3 selectable models right out of the box
  • 4-knob interface and dual through-metal sensors for quick tweaking
  • Access advanced fine-tuning and mapping via a built-in USB interface and free Darkglass Suite software
  • 10-segment Gain Reduction meter for dialing in your compression level


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