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Free The Tone FT-2Y Flight Time 2

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Brand: Free The Tone

Product Code: Free The Tone FT-2Y Flight Time 2

A common delay setup is to offset the delay time compared to the BPM of the tune being played to make the delay sound of a guitar or bass more easily heard. When the delay time is set to be equal to the actual BPM, the delay sound will be masked by other on-beat sounds and become difficult to hear. With a shorter delay time setting, you can give a high-speed impression to your playing. Conversely, a longer setting can help to render broader expressions with plenty of time for each tone. Since the delay time offset amount can be set for each preset, you can keep the setting best suited to each tune.

* As of September 2014, based on Free The Tone’s research

Note 1: If the BPM of the tap-entered tempo information differs more than ±20% from that of the actual performance, then there is no automatic adjustment of delay time.

Note 2: The realtime BPM analyzer may not be able to recognize BPM for performances with irregular meters, performances by orchestra or piano, etc.

* BPM ANALYZER is a function that was jointly developed by Faudio and FREE THE TONE.


  • 32-bit High-precision DSP
  • Instrument/Line Input Level Switching*
  • HTS Circuit and Analog Mixer
  • MIDI Function #1
  • MIDI Function #2*
  • Instant Preset Switching*
  • HPF (high-pass filter) and LPF (low-pass filter)
  • Modulation Feature
  • Sound Hold Function
  • Rec & Repeat
  • Trail function
  • Delay Phase Function


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