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Free The Tone PA-1QG Programmable 10 Band EQ For Guitar

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Brand: Free The Tone

Product Code: Free The Tone PA-1QG Programmable 10 Band EQ For Guitar

Free The Tone are pedal masterminds that often create what was once considered impossible. They have done it again with the PA-1QB, a programable analog 10 band EQ pedal that means a lot of versatility without any tone loss. 

Analogue Tone, Digital Brain

In recent years we have seen more and more companies creating pedals with this concept but this may be the first time someone has done it with an EQ pedal that has a digital display. 

Every part of the pedal that the signal passes through is 100% analogue, this means no loss of tone from going through a digital circuit. The clever part is that it is 100% digitally controlled meaning instant callback of presets and MIDI control is possible. 

This is a great thing for EQ pedals that can be seen as one dimensional since changing settings on the fly has never been easy. This fixes that as you can now instantly call back a selection of presets or change any of the options on the fly via MIDI control. 

Tuned For Guitar

This is the Guitar version of the PA-1Q, tuned perfectly to the frequency ranges you care about most. With 50 Hz, 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz, 1500 Hz, 2500 Hz, 3500 Hz, 7 kHz, and 10 kHz frequencies available you can really sculpt the exact guitar tone you want. 


  • All of the equalizer circuits (including I/O sections) that pass instrument signals are fully analog and the parameter control section is a digital circuit. This allows for real-time control via preset recalling and MIDI.
  • The HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit which is one of the major features of the Free The Tone products has been renewed with this product release. It holistically manages high-quality guitar/bass signals from input to output to keep the sound texture the same whether the effect is on or off.
  • The 10-band equalizer's frequencies are selected specially for guitar and for bass and the frequencies and equalizer curves are optimized for each instrument to allow more useful and minute adjustments.
  • Any of 99 presets can be recalled instantly by control via MIDI signals.
  • The PA-1QG/PA-1QB can be used not only as an equalizer effects unit but also as a preset volume controller that manages sound level in each preset. It is equally suitable to applications to increase the volume of solo playing or to level out individual differences in output levels when switching between multiple guitars/basses.


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