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Limited Edition PARANORMAL is here to eat you alive
07 Mar

Limited Edition PARANORMAL is here to eat you alive



Created with the high priest of thrash metal, Gary Holt, Paranormal is a tone shaping tool from the Underworld. 

Each Limited Edition Paranormal pedal is handmade, silkscreened, built in KHDK's custom shop and guitar-tested.

Paranormal is Gary’s always-on pedal, which he uses in Exodus shows and throughout the final Slayer tour to his tone from the start of his chain. The Limited Edition design is destined for tortured, tone-obsessed souls who will be claimed by its power.

“When you hear what this pedal does to a stock Marshall head, you’re gonna shit your pants.”

~ Gary Holt

From beaten metal the enclosure was forged in infernal flames of the underworld. When the red eyes of The Beast glow, you know that He is listening! Behold: the unholy creature glaring into your soul is Gary's very own fearsome feline, Buffy.

It's built to withstand the absolutely brutality of Exodus and Slayer shows: you'll be handing this one down to your grandkids!

Paranormal delivers a hellishly wide range of EQ options normally only used in recording studios. It is evoked with the diabolic trio of all-powerful controls, MIDS, FREQ and BANDWIDTH.

“This is the tone I've been searching for for over 20 years.”

~ Gary Holt

High-End Studio Gear in an Infernal Package

Paranormal hides within a full parametric EQ and an Overdrive circuit. Some say encasing such power in a single box of metal must be the work of Beelzebub himself...

The pedal works like a full studio parametric EQ. If you're never happy with your amps EQ section, the Paranormal will let you control it down to minute detail, giving you incredible definition. Plug in and the power shall be yours!

"It's THE most powerful tool for dialing in aggressive, hi gain sound."

~ Tue Madsen, producer

The EQ will also bring our more metal in your sound without an overpowering gain and overdrive. You will need to experiment to dial in your sweet spot, but once there, you're not going to want to turn it off, ever. KHDK is not responsible for demonic apparitions that may materialize. 


In the early days of Exodus, Gary devised his unique recipe for killer tone: an overdrive pedal plus a customized studio parametric EQ before his amps.

Throughout his career, this signal chain made Gary’s signature sound: distinct, thick yet precise with an absolute clarity in the mix.

The Paranormal is a boxed solution for achieving this tone: the essence of Gary’s sound, transformed into a single pedal.

Originally conceived of 2 years ago, the pedal has been an integral part of Gary's rig for the final Slayer tour. 


The circuit was created by KHDK's engineer Antonin Salva, who oversees the production and guitar-tests each pedal in KHDK's custom shop in Prague, Czech Republic. 


All 250 limited edition pedals will be numbered, boxed and shipped directly from the custom shop in Prague. This listing is a pre-order and the pedals will be shipped by the end of March, 2019.


1. BASS affects your bottom end. At noon it is neutral, turning it clockwise boosts your bass. Use it carefully depending on your pickups, amp and ability to endure demonic apparitions.

2. TONE controls the brightness of your tone: simple, yet highly effective. At noon, the influence is neutral. Turn it clockwise to boost the highs and counterclockwise to cut them. 

3. FREQ shifts the center frequency of MID control from 30Hz to 8000 Hz.This is a key parameter which allows you to sweep the mid frequency, controlled by MID pot.

4. DRIVE controls the amount of gain and compression/sustain. If your amp has enough gain, turn the Drive lower and use the Paranormal as a tone sculpting tool. With a clean amp, turn Drive clockwise to produce massive sustain, gain, and enhanced harmonics.

5. BANDWIDTH sets the width of your midrange. Turn it clockwise to affect a wider range and a more transparent change. Turn it counterclockwise for narrow mid range and more pronounced specific frequencies. At the minimum setting, the effect is much stronger, the selected frequency is a pronounced and the influence of the mid control is more aggressive. The first ⅓ of the pot range is the most effective area where this thrash metal machine shines.

6. VOLUME controls your output volume.

7. MID is a key element that controls your mids. At noon, the effect is neutral. Turn it up to boost your mids up to +10dB and down to cut them to -10dB. The width of the center frequency of MIDS is controlled by BANDWIDTH. Hail Satan.

8. BYPASS stompwitch activates the bypass circuit (and the red light), indicating that Mephistopheles is listening. When turned off, the circuit doesn’t affect your signal and you’re getting the original EVIL BYPASS. 

9. TRIMMER is a hidden, secondary volume feature. It sets the volume between the two parts of Paranormal: you may need to push amp harder sometimes, so the hidden feature will solve it. The factory setting is at noon and if your ears are satisfied with the front controls, leave it there. If not: a higher setting produces a stronger signal fed into the overdrive for more gain and compression. A lower setting produces a cleaner signal with more headroom.

No cats were harmed in the making of the Paranormal.

Chanting of ancient spells during use is encouraged.