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PRS S2 Mira Semi Hollow - Custom Color Vintage Mahogany Smokeburst

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Brand: Paul Reed Smith

Product Code: PRS S2 Mira Semi Hollow - Vintage Mahogany Smokeburst

This model tuned out to be my favorite of the bunch, and the reasons are that it is incredibly light, its aluminum PRS stoptail bridge with brass studs is exemplary, and the exposed-coil S2 Mira humbuckers are a bit softer and perhaps more vintage sounding due to having a little less output compared to the covered #7 pickups on the other S2s. I’m also a sucker for the ivory finish on this instrument, although other color options are available.

The S2 Mira Semi-Hollow plays every bit as beautifully as its siblings, and the low, buzz-free action, finely cut synthetic nut, and tuneful intonation give it the welcome feeling of all components working in harmony. The biggest deal with this model, however, is its all-mahogany body construction. For reasons that make mahogany flat-tops so endearing, the Mira Semi-hollow has a natural burnish to its voice that, when pushed through a good amp, blossoms into rich, juicy tones with chiming harmonics to spare. The set neck, super-solid bridge, and 25" scale provide a certain rigidity that pairs very well with a semi-hollow body—and at the risk of overstating this, the all-mahogany construction lends a warmth to it all that doesn’t seem to quite be achieved when you bring maple into the mix.

It may not be the sound that everyone wants—hard rock and metal players might prefer the tighter/brighter response of the maple-topped S2 Semi-Hollows—but it’s a great tone nevertheless, and one that happens to work very well for roots-rock, alt-country, blues, and jazz. I’ve used the S2 Mira Semi-Hollow on some pretty different kinds of gigs and it always delivered exactly what I wanted, with perhaps—depending on the amp—a slight downward twist of the Tone control to make the higher-gain sounds more buttery. For jazzier textures especially, the neck pickup has the right balance of roundness, depth, and top-end silkiness. And when combined with the bridge pickup, it’s very easy to get shimmering, open-sounding textures that are on the money for ES-335-style rhythm playing, or slinky funk vibes when you pull the Tone knob to put the pickups into split mode. The bridge pickup also chews it up for heavier tones, delivering the top-end slice, midrange presence, and chunking bottom needed for badass lead and rhythm tones. It’s an incredibly fun package, and the S2 Mira Semi-Hollow’s versatility and hip sounds earn it an Editors’ Pick Award.

- Guitar Player Magazine


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