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Shin's Music Dumbloid Special #1534

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Brand: Shin's Music

Product Code: Shin's Music Dumbloid Special #1534



Color- Psychedelic Velvet *Tie-dye

The finishes are done by Shin’s music which all Hand-dyed and each pedal has different color and patterns.

Also it has a special silk screen panel which looks more like the D-amp.

Circuit & Parts

Shin has tweaked the tone range wider than the regular model, This will provides more harmonics. He has also adjusted the negative

feedback range of mid range wider, it is much more smother to play now.

Changed the transistor to more vintage like sound, The total balance will provide the Psychedelic sound. 

While the Special has an additional toggle switch—the famed Jazz/Rock voicing switch from the legendary Overdrive Special.

In the “Jazz” position the switch gives an overall “rounder” sound, while the “Rock” position provides a softer characteristic for the mids, especially in overdrive. 


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