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T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic Multi-FX Pedalboard

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Brand: T-Rex Effects

Product Code: T-Rex Soulmate Acoustic Multi-FX Pedalboard

Three Classic Acoustic Effects

While there are many effects for acoustic guitars, modulation, delay, and reverb are the main three suitable for any musical situation. The Soulmate Acoustic’s modulation section provides a classic chorus or detuned effect designed to create width or movement in your sound. Use the rate knob to adjust the speed of the chorus modulation, and rolling it down to zero morphs the chorus into a detuned effect to create stunning pitch shifting sounds. The Delay section is perfect for giving your tone ambience and space, with high level settings and a tap tempo function offering a more ‘’effected’’ sound. Reverb is a classic Acoustic effect, and the Soulmate’s hall reverb has been chosen specifically for the acoustic guitar. A shimmer is also included to offer extra tonal options, with the ability to connect an expression pedal for hands free control over the level of shimmer the reverb produces.

Compressor, Boost, & 3-Band EQ

Even with a range of powerful effects to add extra layers to your performance, there’s no point unless you can keep your sound clean and crisp. The T-Rex pedal’s compressor is perfect for removing any harsh frequencies from your tone, allowing you to play with a uniformed volume during your performance. The 3-Band EQ features double pot controls for selecting and tweaking different frequency ranges, allowing players to shape the tone to suit their personal preference. The boost switch and control is the ultimate way to give your tone extra punch, perfect for leads and solos that require an extra boost of volume to cur through the mix. The Soulmate is also equipped with a feedback killer switch, allowing players to remove any unwanted feedback for an incredibly clean performance.

Built-In Tuner & 5 Minute Looper

The Soulmate Acoustic is designed to offer players the perfect performance for their acoustic guitar in one, easy-to-use pedal. The built-in tuner allows you to kill your sound completely for silent tuning, or to simply shut off your guitar’s signal flow entirely for moments when silence is needed. When the looper is engaged, the tuner will mute everything apart from any recorded material, making it perfect for solo performances when different tunings are required during a song. The looper itself offers up to about 5.8 minutes of recording time, with a range of controls for quick and easy looping.


  • Compressor removes any harsh frequencies
  • Boost (post effects) provides extra punch to sound for lead work and soloing
  • Stereo line/D.I. outputs allow integration with variety of setups
  • 5-minute stereo looper
  • Ultra-fast chromatic tuner
  • Warm delay with tap tempo
  • 3-band parametric equaliser
  • Automatic feedback suppression
  • Modulation section offers classic chorus/detune tonal enhancements
  • Optional master volume control from expression pedal
  • Hall reverb with shimmer effect (optional expression pedal control)
  • FET preamp with high/low impedance selection and phase switch
  • Rugged construction and accessible design


  • Input Impedance: 1M Ohm/10M Ohm Selectable
  • Output Impedance: 330 Ohm (XLR), 1.5K Ohm (1/4’’ Jack)
  • Power Supply: 12V DC, Centre Negative (Included)
  • Minimum Power Supply Voltage: 11.5V DC
  • Maximum Power Supply Voltage: 12.5V DC
  • Current Draw @ 12V DC: 560mA Max.
  • Maximum Input Signal: 3.5V p-p
  • Effects Processor: 24-Bit, 48KHz, 1ms. Latency
  • Looper: 24-Bit, 46KHz, 32-Bit Floating Point Internal Processing.
  • Maximum Looping Time: 5.8 Minutes
  • External Connectors: Input Jack, Exp. Shimmer, Exp. Volume, 1/4'’ Outputs (L/R), XLR Outputs (L/R),Power Inlet
  • Pedal Size Incl. Knobs (W x H x D): 400mm x 62mm x 148mm / 15.75'' x 2.44'' x 5.83''
  • Weight Excl. Packaging: 2kg


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