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Black Country Customs Pedals by Laney Amps
15 Oct

Black Country Customs Pedals by Laney Amps

Black Country Customs

This off-shoot of Laney has three new effects pedals for 2019. Each one shares the same three different modes and four control knobs layout. They look pretty interesting and could be just what you need for your ‘board.

Each one has silent switching and a tri-colour LED to let you know which mode you are in

SteelPark Boost

BCC-STEELPARK - A versatile Boost pedal with masses of headroom designed to help you push your amp harder and cut through any mix. Ideal for stacking either before or after other gain pedals on your board.


BCC-SECRETPATH - a beautiful pedal – crafted reverbs for Spring and Plate, reminiscent of the heyday of classic amp and studio tones combined with modern day sound quality and reliability. Plus, The Secret Path – a deep, dark, mesmerising ambience with a sublime, brooding, dynamically evolving shimmer. Loose yourself along the secret path, a choice well made.

 With Pre Delay, Size, Tone and Volume controls plus a toggle switch for accessing the three individual modes. You can also plug in an external expression controller to manipulate the effect.


BCC-MONOLITH - Designed to give the player a total command and control over a spectrum of different gains and harmonic distortions from Classic fat rock tones to jangly indie lines, and everything in between.