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ESP SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom "Pink Monster" -15th Anniversary Limited Edition-
29 May

ESP SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom "Pink Monster" -15th Anniversary Limited Edition-

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Takayoshi Omura's debut, ESP will release a special specification ESP SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom "Pink Monster" as a limited-time build-to-order manufacturing.

The basic specifications are Alder body, hard maple neck, EMG 81-7H & 85-7H pickup, ESP FLICKER-III-7 bridge, like the regular SNAPPER-7 Ohmura Custom, but some changes to finish with Twinkle Pink color There is a place where it is touched.

Although this is a fully painted neck that is a major feature of this model, the fingerboard material has been changed to hard maple for painting. In addition, the half scallop, which is a feature of the Omura model, has not been applied this time due to a trade-off with painting.

All the hard parts are gold color, the nuts are brass, and the frets are gold color JESCAR EVO type.

The body top uses a clear pick guard to maximize the color. The control cavity has been changed to back routing accordingly. In addition, the back panel is finished in the same color to give it a more united look.

A special hard case, a certificate signed by the person himself, and a portrait taken down are included. It will be made to order for a limited time until August 31, 2020.

Pink Pink Pink! Pink monster! ! The ultimate guitar is born! !

Since the playability follows the basic specifications of 7-string Pink, you will not feel the fatigue and strain on the fingers and joints peculiar to 7-string guitar, and there will be no discomfort when you switch from 6-string guitar.

As for usability, it has the advantages of traditional and modern, and the operability is simple, so you can directly connect to the sound that the player wants.

Maple is used for the fingerboard, and I can realize not only the tight and clear sound that is my sound icon, but also a more comfortable overtone and response on the lead.

Looks, playability, sound, everything is dazzling and ultimate! ESP is the best!

━ Takayoshi Omura

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