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Guitar Pedals

Amptweaker FatRock Distortion
S$280.00 Ex Tax: S$280.00

The FatRock Distortion Pedal's features are identical to Amptwearker's popular TightRock, but the to...

Amptweaker PressuRizer Compressor/Boost
S$290.00 Ex Tax: S$290.00

The PressuRizer compressor/ boost pedal provides sustain without compression using its special Bloom...

Amptweaker TightDrive Jr
S$245.00 Ex Tax: S$245.00

The TightDrive Jr ranges from clean boost to moderately high gain, includes a noise gate and a Tight...

Amptweaker TightDrive Overdrive
S$260.00 Ex Tax: S$260.00

The TightDrive™ overdrive pedal is the first Amptweaker product, a gain pedal that features the TI...

Amptweaker TightDrive Pro
S$380.00 Ex Tax: S$380.00

The TightDrive Pro can be used from clean boost to overdriving an amp, or as a preamp into an effect...

Amptweaker TightFuzz Jr
S$245.00 Ex Tax: S$245.00

The TightFuzz Jr is a very flexible fuzz pedal, with a Silicon/Germanium transistor switch and Tight...

Amptweaker TightFuzz Pro
S$450.00 Ex Tax: S$450.00

The TightFuzz Prois built from the popular TightFuzz distortion pedal. As with the standard sized ve...

Amptweaker TightRock Distortion
S$290.00 Ex Tax: S$290.00

The pedal includes EQ and Gain Boost switches, and has a built-in noise gate that automatically trac...

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