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Guitar Parts

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B-Band AST 1470 Soundboard Transducer Pickup
S$80.00 Ex Tax: S$80.00

MADE IN FINLANDAST 1470 Soundboard TransducerFor B-Band PreampsReplacement Pickup OnlyPreamp and Har..

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Eden E300 Head - NOS
S$290.00 Ex Tax: S$290.00

The E300 is a perfect example of an amplifier which defines the principles of plug-and-play. Designe..

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Eden WP100 Preamp The Navigator - NOS
S$520.00 Ex Tax: S$520.00

WP100 preamp was a flexible professional studio and stage preamp. Featuring a tube input stage, comp..

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Eden WTX264 Head - NOS
S$420.00 Ex Tax: S$420.00

The WTX264 delivers up to 300W of output power so donʼt let its size fool you! Like the WTX500, the ..

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Markbass DV Mark Compressore
S$285.00 Ex Tax: S$285.00

DVM COMPRESSORE is a high-quality tube compressor that features all the individual controls normally..

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Markbass DV Mark Over Marker Distortion
S$160.00 Ex Tax: S$160.00

Mild to heavy distortion with true bypass and very effective tone controls When overdrive isn’t..

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MarkBass Little Mark III - NOS (Made In Italy)
S$800.00 Ex Tax: S$800.00

The flagship Markbass amplifier, the Little Mark III is the industry standard for tone, portability ..

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Marshall 1962 Blue Breaker Combo
S$2,250.00 Ex Tax: S$2,250.00

The Marshall 1962 Bluesbreaker Combo Amp is just like the one used by Eric Clapton during his stint ..

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Pigtronix Disnortion
S$225.00 Ex Tax: S$225.00

The Pigtronix OFO Disnortion stomp box features a touch sensitive Overdrive, Fuzz with 6 different f..

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Rainger FX - Air Space Invader
S$199.00 Ex Tax: S$199.00

The Air Space Invader is the stripped-down version of the Air Traffic Controller. It mixes a Rainger..

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Rainger FX - Dr Freakenstein's Dwarf (& Igor) mini-pedal
S$350.00 Ex Tax: S$350.00

This was the world’s first boutique mini-pedal – another first for Rainger FX!It’s an extreme full-o..

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