KHDK Ghoul Jr

KHDK Ghoul Jr

Kirk Hammett Signature Distortion

The KHDK Kirk Hammett Ghoul JR Overdrive is based on Kirk Hammett's award winning Ghoul Screamer; a multipurpose overdrive pedal that was created from the collaboration between KHDK Electronics and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. If offers a supercharged take on the classic TS-style booster pedals and delivers incredible overdriven tones and boosts that enhance rock and metal performance. The new Ghoul JR overdrive takes the same tone and enhances it with increased gain inside a tiny micro-pedal format for pedalboard-friendly size and portability. Despite its tiny dimensions, it crams in a wealth of features and huge tones.


New Gain Ranges

The Ghoul JR Overdrive features a new 'Style' toggle switch to craft your overall gain output and response. UP provides a classic compressed overdrive sound while CENTER brings a more dynamic and cutting sound. DOWN is a new 'Full-On' mode that delivers even more gain than the original Ghoul Screamer; it gives the most aggressive sound with huge sustain and a tone that will cut through any mix.


Tonal Sculpting

The Ghoul JR Overdrive includes a 'Tone' and 'Voice' control for all your tonal sculpting needs. The Tone dial is an effective high-frequency control that can make your sound either raw and aggressive or warm and mellow. The Voice switch gives you the option of an enhanced low-range for a thicker sound, or a mid-heavy and tighter sound that is ideal for low-tuned guitars, helping them find their own sonic space.


Good Things In Small Packages

The original KDHK Ghoul Screamer created versatile high gain sounds and could find its place in many genres of rock and metal. The new Ghoul JR takes that signature tone to a new level of versatility and high performance in a tiny pedal format, ready to find its space on your pedalboard and deliver huge tones for a rocking performance.



·         Based on the original award winning Kirk Hammett signature Ghoul Screamer

·         Super-compact mini-pedal format for pedalboard-friendly size

·         Even more gain than the original device with new toggle switch options

·         Drive control: lower setting acts as clean boost with mid-range hump. Higher setting is for more saturation and harmonic content

·         Tone: Highly effective from raw and aggressive to mellow and warm

·         Voice: bass and body control - DOWN for tighter mids and cut-through sound; great for down-tuned guitars, UP for more bottom end and thicker tone, CENTER for neutral tone

·         Style: 3 levels of gain and headroom, from compressed classic sound through to dynamic cutting tone, onto full-on mode with increased gain and greater sustain

·         True bypass operation

·         Tiny micro-pedal format

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