Vintage Deluxe

Vintage Deluxe

Grunt, Attack, 4-band EQ, and Blend

In addition to Level and Drive controls, the Darkglass Vintage Deluxe bass preamp pedal gives you four secret weapons. The Grunt switch lets you select the amount of low-frequency content to be saturated with three LF-boost levels before the clipping stage. The Attack switch, conversely, lets you set the amount of high-frequency content to be saturated. With the switch set to Boost, you emphasize treble content for optimized presence and clarity. The Flat setting leaves highs untouched, while the Cut position reduces the amount of high frequencies to be saturated. By giving you control over the treble portion of your signal, the Vintage Deluxe lets you compensate for variables like new bass strings or tweeter-equipped cabinets. To shape your tone to perfection, there's onboard 4-band EQ that offers 12dB of boost or cut at 100Hz, 500Hz, 1.5kHz, and 5kHz. Lastly, for instant onboard parallel processing, the Vintage Deluxe offers a Blend control that mixes the clean input and effected overdrive signals.


  • The natural dynamics and organic compression of vintage tube amps and tape machines
  • Level control sets volume of overdrive signal
  • Drive control sets the amount of saturation in the overdrive signal
  • Grunt switch lets you select the amount of LF content to be saturated
  • Attack switch lets you select the amount of HF content to be saturated
  • Blend control mixes the clean input and effected overdrive signals
  • Parallel Output pass-through for easy parallel processing
  • Direct Output is a balanced version of 1/4" output for feeding PA or studio console
  • Power requirements: regulated 9-volt DC adapter with center-negative plug

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