Totally Blues

Totally Blues

Gain, Tune, Level, and a Mojo Control for complete control over the sound of your overdrive. Utilizing asymmetrical clipping as well as adjustable increased bass response for fattening notes.

To satisfy the Blues Guitarist need for tonal versatility we have designed and incorporated a “mojo” control in the clipping circuit.

This control allows adjustment for the amount of bass being processed in the clipper circuit and increases overall fatness of the distortion circuit, allowing thickening of the fundamental note on initial picking attack.

The Totally Blues™ features higher gain than most overdrive pedals and asymmetrical clipping technology. Housed in the same trademark rugged, beautifully polished smooth chrome chassis as the Decimator Pedal, the Totally Blues™ will be an awesome addition to your pedal board! Operates with either a 9-volt battery or a 9 vdc adaptor jack.

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