Ironheart IRT-PULSE Tube Preamp

Ironheart IRT-PULSE Tube Preamp

The IRT-Pulse is designed to give you the sound and feel of an Ironheart amp in a desktop package, powered by a pair of high-voltage 12AX7 valves. It lets you plug directly into your DAW using a T-USB 2.0 interface, or as a silent practice aid with headphones and an AUX input, or in front of your amp as a high-end boost pedal. It also lets you re-amp your signal without a bunch of extra leads. On one end of the unit you’ll find the input jack and the re- amp button.

On the other end is a headphone jack and phones volume control, balanced output jack, remote footswitch jack (for bypass if you want to use it as a pedal), AUX in, power jack and USB I/O.

On the top are two knobs (gain and volume) plus six switches: Dark removes some of the high frequency content which helps the unit to sit better in a mix when using it through the front of a guitar amp. Bright beefs up the highs, especially on cleaner tones for recording. Hot provides extra gain, taking the distortion level all the way up to full-on metal, which is no mean feat since the cleans are designed to be extra- clear as well.

The EQ button adds a pre-defined studio EQ curve to the signal with more bass and treble and less mids. And the Emulation button adds a 4X12 speaker emulation to the signal for going direct. There’s also a Bypass button.

  • 2x ECC83 Tubes
  • Controls: Gain and volume
  • Hi/Lo Gain switch
  • Bright switch
  • Dark switch
  • EQ Preshape switch
  • Speaker simulation switch
  • Reamp thomann switch
  • USB Audio in/out
  • DI Out
  • Adjustable headphone output 3.5 mm
  • Incl. Power supply

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