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Laney CUB 212R - 15 watts Tube 2x12" Combo

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Laney Electric Guitar Amplifier CUB 212R - 15 watts Tube 2x12" Combo

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Brand: Laney

Product Code: Laney CUB 212R - 15 watts Tube 2x12" Combo

Tags:  Tube

The CUB-212R features great straight ahead vintage valve tone with a splash of high quality reverb. Housing a pair of custom HH 12 inch drivers, pushes out up to 15 watts RMS of pure vintage valve tone, we say up to 15 watts RMS as it has the option of running at significantly less output but more on that in a moment. Lets take a look at the preamp, this consists of the following controls from right to left - gain, treble, middle, bass, volume, tone and finally reverb. The CUB-212R's valve complement consists of 3 x ECC83 valves in the preamp giving you the ability to dial in plenty of gain, and the output section consists of 2 x EL84 output valves, which give that classic British tonality to the amp when they are pushed hard.Then comes a nifty output trick - if you look at the front panel you'll notice two input sockets, one labelled 15W, the other labelled <1W. If you plug into the 15W socket you get the full power of the amp, 15 Watts of wonderfully warm valve tone. Plug into the <1W and you get .75 of a Watt output. This allows you to drive the amplifier as hard as you like, giving you masses of power amp compression and a pleasing break up for that elusive DARK ART tone. 


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